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“Because love is so enormous, the only thing you can think of doing is swallowing the person that you love entirely.”

“Because love is so enormous, the only thing you can think of doing is swallowing the person that you love entirely.”

Maurice Sendak’s posthumously published final work, My Brother’s Book is a beautiful and poigniant work of art.  I learned of it through my new favorite blog, Brain Pickings, and immediately ordered a copy.  It is quintessential yugen: beautiful, enigmatic, and melancholy.

I’m posting about it today, because I would love love love to have a print of any of these gorgeous watercolor illustrations.  Google searches have failed me.  If you, beloved reader, ever should happen to know of a source for a print from this book, please share it with me in the comments.


500 Words a Day, Just Not on the Letterpress

Letterpress printing has been a fascination of mine since I made our wedding invitations six and a half years ago.  After reading in the Wall Street Journal about a Twitter executive who had an old press in her house and handmade note cards and stationery which she used for correspondence (yes, via snail mail) and to welcome every new Twitter employee, I was inspired to finally take a class and try my hand at it.  You can read the article here.

I took the class at the San Francisco Center for the Book.  It was about as cool – or uncool, depending on your perspective – as you’d expect it to be.  For the record, it was cool in my book.  I got to blend rubber inks, ink up a Vandercook press, run some prints, set type, run more prints, and bind up my prints as covers on little notebooks.

Anticipation of this class prompted me to try again to write, something that off and on I do or don’t do, but mostly I don’t do.  Following the class, I continued to write.  And the inspiration also morphed into digital forms.  Hence the blog and the page.

As for the writing, it’s work on the book about my dad’s life and my journey around North America in 2002 to learn about him.  Will I make significant progress on it?  I’ll try to write at least 500 words a day – on my computer.  Just don’t expect to see those words lined up for a Vandercook press run anytime soon.

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