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Back in time…

Today at work, some colleagues were sharing pics of themselves and each other as kids.  And it occurred to me that I don’t have many photos of myself from childhood scanned, let alone online.  So that was my project tonight!

My 2nd Birthday @ Pier 39, Oct 1980

My 2nd Birthday @ Pier 39, Oct 1980

It seems that in the era of film and photo processing, my parents may have deliberately taken photos of me and my older brother together, possibly to save money?  There are hardly any pictures of me as a child without my brother.  Good thing I like him.  🙂



Also, I have evidence that bangs and knickers may have been little girl trends in the early 1980s.

March 1983 - Pirates of the Carribean

March 1983 – Pirates of the Caribbean

It seems as though my love of pirates started at an early age.  They’re not pictured, but here I am at age 4 at the Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.

Skipping right over the awkward years…

Freshman Class Photo

Freshman Class Photo

Apparently did not own a hairbrush when I entered high school.What you can’t see in the above photo is that the bottom half of my head was shaved.  And I was probably wearing Doc Marten’s.

Drill Team Photo 1992 - 14 years old

Drill Team Photo 1992 – 14 years old

And yes, the same girl who shaved half her head was also on the drill team.  I think you can actually kinda see the shaved part in this picture!  Just above my left ear.  Why did we take our team photos at night?  Ah, the mysteries of teenage-hood…

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