Becoming Khaleesi, Part 5: The Event

When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!

The night of the SideReel Game of Thrones Season 3 Premier Screening finally arrived!  For those who have been following my earlier posts in the “Becoming Khaleesi” series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4), you’ll recall that this was the big event my costume was for.  Finally I would get to become Khaleesi, and I would have dragons!!

We held the event at the Variety Screening Room, which is an awesome venue.  There’s a lounge, bar, bathrooms, a giant statue of the Kung Fu Panda, a popcorn machine, and 49-seat stadium style auditorium, with full on projection, sound, curtain, the works.  Plus, a portion of the (very reasonable) rental fee goes to the Variety Children’s Charity, so we felt pretty good about renting from them!  I should note that the people running this venue are incredibly nice and helpful.  I so want to have events here again!

My colleague (the crazy one who started the GoT photoshopping silliness that inspired this party) and I arrived at the venue just after the catering did; we delivered the booze, got into costume, and greeted the 30 or so Sidereelers and guests who descended upon the venue, some in costume, some not (boo).  Finally I got to reveal my costume!  Alas, fair readers, you will weep to discover that some of the following pictures are blurry and/or dark.  Womp womp.  But in the close ups you can actually see my purple contact lenses – yay!

The Reveal

The Reveal

Some other details included trading cards of the sigils we all had created using Join the Realm, and a beautiful poster of the sigils, created by our senior visual designer.  Seriously, click on that thumbnail – it’s awesome.  Another of our designers put together an awesome pre-show animation of these sigils, projected on the screen while we drank and ate before the screening.

Welcoming the Audience

Welcoming the Audience

After herding the group into the auditorium and welcoming them to the screening, we watched a few warm up videos:

Then we introduced the rules of the drinking game.  Drink whenever you:

  • See a nipple
  • Hear “Jon Snow”
  • Hear “king” or “queen”

And finally the screening began…  What can we say about “Valar Dohaeris”?  It caught us up with several main characters, but neglected many others.  The GoT universe is vast, and one 55 minute episode can’t begin to cover all of the story lines.  But this post is not really about the episode, is it?  So lets just say there was lots of drinking, shouting at the screen, and general happiness that a beloved series was back on.  And then it was time for the after party…

We literally paraded up and down Market Street in our costumes, with Khaleesi leading the charge, foam sword in hand.  People stopped us to take our picture, or to take pictures with us.  It was amazing.  We walked from 2nd St. to 4th St., then doubled back to New Montgomery to House of Shields.  Sidereelers have a track record of getting thrown out of here, but we went for it anyway – Game of Thrones and House of Sheilds just seemed right together.

Khaleesi Leading the Parade Down Market Street

Khaleesi Leading the Parade Down Market Street

All that’s left to say is that a good time was had by all… especially Khaleesi:

In the wee hours, laughing myself silly

In the wee hours, laughing myself silly


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  2. Posted by Cheryl on September 17, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    What kind of fabric did you use for the top?


    • It was a remnant of upholstery fabric. I just brought the source image with me to the fabric store and looked for something that looked similar (dark brown, woven, able to fray easily). I had to sew around about 1/4 from all the cut edges to allow it to fray but not completely fall apart. It’s the same fabric in the “loin” areas of the skirt/chaps bottom. I hope you find something you can use – and sorry for the slow reply!


  3. Posted by victoria on October 3, 2013 at 3:09 am

    this looks awesome!! well done 😀 I’m making an attempt at the costume myself but with the extent of my costume making knowledge stemming from a papermache pair of sandals I made myself when I was 9 I doubt I will have quite the same result…


    • I hadn’t sewn anything in ages. Battling with the sewing machine was the hardest part. Enjoy the opportunity to get creative and hunt down all the little embellishments you want to help make it feel authentic. Just remember that this costume is iconic. Getting every detail right isn’t really important. Just get the major parts in place, a blond wig, some leggings, boots, and you’re good to go. You could probably even just wear a brown cotton or linen halter top and brown cotton or linen hi/lo skirt, and as long as you have the other bits, people will know you’re Khaleesi. It’s seriously one of the most awesome costumes to wear out in public. People know Khaleesi and they love her! Soak it in!


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