Becoming Khaleesi, Part 3

In my previous posts Part 1 and Part 2, I showed you the early phase of my Danaerys Targaryen costume construction.  This weekend major progress was made.  Before I show you the work, I should introduce you to a key player: my trusty hand-me-down Montgomery Ward sewing machine.  This thing has been with me as long as I can remember, and at times has been delightful, and at times has been my nemesis.  In fact, in the course of this project, it has been both.  In its defense though, I should tell you that every time it has freaked out on me, I’ve later realized that the issue was operator error.  If only it could talk to me when I’m screwing it up!

Mom's old Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

Mom’s old Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

This weekend I finally got the embellishments to stay on the waistband!  And I finished it off with some hand-stitched hems (because the machine was uncooperative) and hook-and-eye closures.  Check it out!

Embellishments on Waistband

Embellishments on Waistband

Finally, the entire bottom part of the costume is complete!  Drumroll please…

The finished bottom

The finished bottom

Time to refocus on the top.  This thing has been intimidating from the beginning.  As I showed you in Part 1, I did the puckering on the top, but I hadn’t been back to work on it since.  Finally it was time to get going.  Believe it or not, the halter for this top was tons of work.  I had to do a “hem” on each side of two 48″ lengths of the woven fabric, sew together two 36″ lengths of the distressed brown “leather” fabric, sew the three together at one end, and braid them, then sew the other end together too.  The result was a 24″ braid of awesome.

Braided strap for halter

Braided strap for halter

Finally the end is in sight.  Left to do:

  1. Put the halter on the top
  2. Decide whether to put darts on the top or…?
  3. Figure out how the heck to get button holes into that woven fabric without fraying it all to hell
  4. Sew on the buttons
  5. Hem it to an – ahem – appropriate length
  6. Rub some oil or shoe polish or something on my camel boots so they look more beaten up
  7. Fight against my body’s innate resistance to shoving things into my eyeballs, so I can try on the purple contact lenses
  8. Try on the whole ensemble with brown tights and tan leggings; decide which to wear
  9. Pray to the old gods and the new that my pennanular arrives in time to get pinned on – this thing will make or break the costume (in my mind)
  10. Probably some as yet unforeseen and crucial detail that will send me into a tailspin between now and the event
  11. Remember that I don’t need dragons – Khaleesi in the red waste didn’t have them yet (whew!)

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