Indian Summer Love

San Franciscans love to make a big deal about “Indian Summer,” and every year it seems to be more and more important to me personally.  I’ve always loved it, but living in a foggy neighborhood like Westwood Park means that sunshine is to be celebrated and sometimes, sought out.  The weather forecast had been promising heat for days, and all we got was fog.  Yesterday the mercury finally started to rise, and the sun peeked out from the clouds for a few hours.  And today I awoke to a bright sunny day so I knew the higher temps were finally coming!

With Sean still away at the bachelor party, I packed up the boys and headed east to Oakland.  We spent a couple of hours visiting with family friends similarly without their patriarchs, and then I took the boys to check out a home for sale in Orinda that I’ve been coveting on Trulia for some time.  The home was about what I’d expected, but was really more remote than I was hoping.  Still, it was on 2.72 acres, and had beautiful views of Mt. Diablo, a gorgeous swimming pool, lots of beautiful gardens, and loads more open space to have horses or whatever – I was thinking chickens…  Anyway, the house wasn’t right for us (not to mention really expensive), but it was good to scratch it off my list for daydreaming.

We’ve been pondering the possibility of moving to the east bay.  Hence the Trulia stalking of homes for sale in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, and Orinda.  But today was a day that made us want to stay right where we are.  After the long drive home (translation: that commute would suck), we went to our backyard and set up our tent for the first time since before Declan was born.  The kids, naturally, treated it like some kind of fighting arena.  But whatever – having enough space on the lawn to do this is pretty cool.  Maybe 2.72 acres would give me space for chickens, but at least in the city I have enough room for my monkeys… for now.


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