Herbaria 09/29/2012

Despite being on my own this weekend while Sean is at my brother Dan’s bachelor party, I got some time in the garden thanks to an unexpected babysitting offer from Uncle Pat and Blond Laura.  I thought I’d put together an herbarium to capture what’s going on in our garden right now.

Left to right, top row: (1) Unidentified mushrooms I found growing under a trailing Lantana; (2) one of this year’s new dahlias (miniature colarette ‘Pooh’); (3) a (Marguerite?) daisy

Middle row: (4) the Jasmine is in its fall bloom; (5) one of my new fuschias from Half Moon Bay Nursery – sooooo gorgeous; (6) a Lantana that we have 3 or 4 of and they just don’t quit

Bottom row: (7) Regal Geranium – the boys picked this one out because it looked purple to them and they know purple is my favorite color; (8) another daisy, Argyranthemum frutescens ‘Yellow Button’ Marguerite, we have 2 of them); (9) the “Moonfire” Japanese maple we planted for Mother’s Day 2009 is beginning to drop its leaves

The sun keeps playing peekaboo with a thin layer of fog/cloud, but it’s mainly sunny back there today.  Loving this Indian Summer!


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