Kitchen Sink Recipes

I’m a fan of experimental recipes – ideally combining cheap, leftover, or gotta-eat-it-soon-before-it-spoils ingredients with special gourmet items.  The end result is a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience, because you would never be able to recreate the concoction on account of the obscure ingredients.  I heard once that in the Chicagoland area there’s something known as a “refrigerator salad.”  The concept as it was explained to me was that one should grab an assortment of ingredients from the refrigerator (and/or have dinner guests bring random ingredients) and toss them together to create a salad.  I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone from the Chicago area who can lend credence to this myth.  If you can, let me know!

Breakfast this morning was created in this vein, and it was delish, if I do say so myself.  I’d share a photo but we ate it all and it was better to eat than to look at anyway.  Here’s what we had:

The last of the frozen shredded hashbrowns left in the freezer from recipes past.  Cooked ’em up on the stove in oil and butter.  Packed ’em into the bottom of a glass pie plate.  Slathered a thin layer of Home Maid Company’s Tony’s Garlic Parmesean Cheese Spread (get this at farmer’s markets – TRUST ME) on top.  Chopped up some canned whole green chilis (because the chopped ones straight from the can are more like a puree than pieces) and heated them in the fry pan next.  Beat a bunch of eggs.  Poured the eggs into the pie plate, sprinkled the green chilis on top, tossed on a couple slices of American cheese cause I didn’t have anything more grown up, and popped the pie plate in the oven.  I shoulda just baked it on high heat, but I broiled it.  American cheese should not be broiled – it behaves strangely.  After realizing my error I covered the thing in foil and switched the oven to bake so it could finish up.  Et voila!  It was, as I mentioned before, delish!

I like to call these “kitchen sink” recipes.  My husband likes to call them “improv.”  The truth is, I’m just happy to have an excuse to eat that Garlic Cheese Spread.  Srsly.  The recipe – and probably even this blog post – was just an excuse to eat that delicious garlicky stuff first thing in the morning.


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